Why Working from Home is the Way to Go In 2020

MLM Success Rates & Home Business Tips
Successful both part time and full time as more work from home

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About ten percentage of adults have participated in at least one in multi-level marketing (MLM)—sometimes referred to as direct sales or network marketing—organization during their lifetime. These people do really make money in multi-level marketing (MLM)? The answer is YES they do and so can you. Most find that having a home business or MLM allows them to increase there monthly income by $500 on average. Those who spend more time working them and align themselves with a company that is trending show higher average earnings of $750 - $1000. These average figures are based on one person working one MLM for a term of 12 months part time. So you may earn less in month one and two and grow in months three and four and hit or exceed averages in months five to twelve.  

MLM Success and Dropout Rates

The AARP Foundation's study found that 44% of participants dropped out after less than one year working with an MLM. Fact is you are a business owner when you are in a MLM or network marketing program. Some will stay working the business and others will move on to something else. Just as retail stores and restaurants open and close, so will home businesses. The big difference is the cost to start and run them. A quick example is that an average restaurant needs $100,000 to open and another $100,000 to run during the first six months. This investment tends to be repaid to the owners over years…. Most see this back in seven years. Now a MLM business is about $250 to start up and another $150 a month to maintain and support with sales fliers, products and samples. 

The Dropout rates in home businesses are similar to those whom have a brick and mortar type business. 20% will fail of close during the first year. The remaining 80% will be a 50-50 split on success past the fifth year of business. Personally I’d rather risk a few thousand over a year and see if I can build a business from home vs. a larger amount in a retail or restaurant setting.  Click here for the recommended home business to join in 2020. $29.95 in USA and $32.95 in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Not All MLMs Are the Same
If you're still thinking of joining an MLM, then it's crucial that you research and investigate the company. Products or services are key so find one that has patent protected products and those that people will actual use and order multiple times from you. You must be sure that it's a product and system you feel you can promote. The big appeal in 2020 is that many of us are working at home. Mothers doing business during babies nap time, college students between classes or on the weekend and people already working who want to spend an hour a night to achieve an extra income. 

This is the recommended home business for you to join. $29.95 in USA and $32.95 in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. It pays weekly via direct deposit, multiple products, company has a track record of eight years and opened in MLM membership on May 2, 2020. Weekly pay plan plus bonuses on a monthly basis.

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